Mirroring the obesity crisis in humans there has been a corresponding increase in the number of overweight and obese domestic pets in the UK. Currently it is estimated around 50% of dogs and cats are overweight. Many owners are unaware their pets have a problem. Other owners know their pets are overweight but don’t realise the disadvantages this carries. Being overweight not only decreases a pets lifetime but can also reduce the pets quality of life.

 There is no specific weight a pet should be, rather the best way to check a pets weight is an assessment of the body condition score of the animal. This is best checked by a vet or veterinary nurse who are used to performing this procedure and see a wide variety of animals every day. As we all know, weight loss can be difficult to achieve.

Tabby and her family know this very well. She went to the vets for her annual booster and health check in January 2014. Alan informed her mum that Tabby was overweight. She was shocked as Tabby didn’t seem to eat a lot at all – one bowl in the morning and evening. Though when she thought about it, Tabby did get the (more than occasional) treat and often stole the other cats food. A concerted effort then began to help Tabby obtain a healthy weight.


The whole family were involved and Tabby had her food weighed out in the morning and evening. Everyone was shocked to learn that Tabby had actually been eating enough food for a much bigger cat and needed much less food than they thought. They also encouraged Tabby to exercise – she was prone to sitting in the same spot all day and often all evening too!

They invested in a laser pointer and toys that encouraged Tabby to move about. The following year she had her booster vaccination and Lauren delightedly told her mum she was now a great weight!

It had been a long, hard journey but definitely worth it! Tabby was now more active and seemed ‘happier and more content’ than previously! Congratulations Tabby!! Please come in and talk to one of our clinical team if you would like more advice on weight, body condition scoring and how these relate to quality of life.

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