What is neutering and why should my pet be neutered?

Neutering is a procedure whereby the reproductive organs are surgically removed and the pet is therefore no longer able to breed. Unless planning on breeding from your pet neutering is always recommended. Not only does it reduce sexual behaviours but it also has significant health benefits, for example removing the risk of ovarian/testicular cancer and reducing the risk of mammary cancer and prostatic cancer.

There are several misconceptions about neutering – one is that neutering should be performed after the first season. In America, neutering is routinely performed in animals less than a couple of months old with no more adverse effects than neutering at a later age. Indeed, the neutering procedure can be more difficult in older animals which tend to have higher levels of fat, other concurrent conditions and possible reproductive tract disease. Also recent scientific studies have found that the risk of mammary cancer is dramatically reduced by neutering before the first few seasons.

What does the procedure entail? Will my pet have to stay overnight?

At Potton vets we admit patients in the morning and take a blood sample. This ensures that your pets organs are working normally before any drugs are given. A premedication is given once the blood results are obtained. This helps to calm the patient and provides pain relief ready for the surgical procedure.

The patient is then anaesthetized and prepared for surgery. Before, during and after surgery your pet is monitored carefully by one of our highly qualified nurses.

When fully awake we offer food, water, toileting and a stress-free recovery environment.

We aim to let everyone know when their pet is awake and usually book an appointment to go home around 4pm the same day. We like to recheck your pet the day after to ensure full recovery from the anaesthetic and again at 10-14 days time to ensure the wound has fully healed.

Recently, we have acquired a k laser – a class 4 therapeutic laser which when applied to the wound reduces pain and stimulates healing. We have had great results so far and our patients definitely feel better more quickly after laser treatment.




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