Soft tissue surgery

At Potton Vets we are in the very fortunate position to be exceptionally well equipped to deal with just about any soft tissue surgery.

We routinely investigate, diagnosis and treat a wide range of surgical conditions.

Soft tissue surgery includes removal of cancers from skin, the abdomen (stomach, intestines, uterus, pancreas, bladder, kidneys, liver).  We obviously also do all the routine operations you can think of including spay, abscess treatment, castration, abdominal, wound repairs, biopsies etc.

Again we have moved on from the old fashioned way doing abdominal surgery and now use key-hole surgery (laparoscopic surgery) routinely.  We now perform most of our spays this way.  Biopsies of organs e.g pancreas, liver, spleen are done by key hole surgery.  This is a far less painful way of doing abdominal surgery – ask anyone who has had abdominal surgery whether they would prefer key-hole surgery over traditional surgery.

Key-hole surgery is a well recognised way of performing a combined spay and gastropexy in large breed dogs, for example Great Danes.