Laparoscopic surgery

A laparoscope is a long and thin rigid tube that has a light source and a camera. The picture is viewed on a television monitor, so that the surgeon can see the inside of the abdomen on a screen.  Performing surgery with the help of this system is commonly called key-hole surgery.

The surgeon makes a small incision in the skin and passes the laparoscope through it to see the organs and tissues inside the abdomen.

The advantages of this technique over traditional open surgery are that animals who have a laparoscopy have:

  • a quicker recovery time
  • Safer – the surgeon has a clear view of what they are doing
  • less pain after the operation
  • minimal scarring.

With key-hole surgery we can  neuter female dogs (ovariectomy), perform gastropexies or to take a biopsy of e.g. the liver, pancreas, kidney, spleen.

Post operative care:

To reduce pain even further we do make use of painkillers at the time of surgery and are in the very fortunate position to use a class 4 therapeutic laser to speed healing and reduce pain.

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