Pain management

As animals live longer and as our ability to treat diseases and conditions expands, we pay more attention to the management of pain.

Correct pain management in animals is difficult because they cannot communicate their pain verbally.  It is unnecessary to leave chronic pain untreated as this often causes suffering, and a decreased quality of life.

Pain can be due an injury, surgery or chronic disease like arthritis. They all require different approaches.  Cats, dogs and other species often require different medications.

An obvious symptom of pain is lameness, but pain may be seen as behavioural changes or changes in sleeping patterns.

Chronic pain is often difficult to identify and treat and may develop gradually, as in the case of osteoarthritis and as chronic pain signs are subtle, they can be missed or the animal assumed to be ‘just getting old’.

Common treatments may involve anti-inflammatories, the fantastic K-Laser, weight control, joint protective treatments and supplements.  We strongly believe that managing chronic pain is truly a team effort between veterinary surgeons and pet owners.