We have excellent facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac (heart) disease in dogs and cats.

Radiography, electrocardiography (ECG), blood pressure measurement and colour flow Doppler echocardiography (ultrasound) provide the mainstay of a cardiology investigation in dogs and cats.

We can diagnose and treat common heart related conditions in dogs and cats such as:

  • Mitral valve disease,
  • Cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) in dogs.
  • Hypertrophic/restrictive and mixed cardiomyopathies in cats,
  • Hypertension.

There are some common early signs of heart disease to look out for; such as heart murmurs or an irregular pulse.  Common signs of heart failure are tiring more easily, lethargy (lying about) or appetite changes.  Please contact us if you are at all concerned about the cardiac health of your pet.