Autumn is now with us in full force – the wind and rain are certainly making up for their notable absence during the summer months. Understandably, the majority of people are spending more time indoors to keep warm and dry – as are most pets! With this recent change in behaviour, we have seen a number of animals with adverse reactions to different household items brought into Potton Vets. Although a lot of people keep their cleaning products in a child (and animal!) proof cupboard, it is often easy to forget about the need for caution after applying these products to different surfaces. Certain floor cleaners for example can be picked up on pets feet and then ingested via grooming and licking of the pads. This can cause a sudden unexpected illness in the pet that may at first glance seem unexplained.

ChocolateIt is well known that chocolate can cause severe illness in dogs, however other harmful substances are less well known. For example, Horse chestnut tree bark, flowers, leaves and seeds (or ‘conkers’) can cause vomiting and diarrhoea if eaten by dogs. Often there is a delay between eating a harmful substance and illness making it difficult to identify the cause of the illness. If diagnosed early enough a drug can be given to allow the pet to vomit up the harmful substance before it is absorbed into the body. If you suspect your pet may have been poisoned it is best to take them and the product in question to the vets as soon as possible. This can aid in targeting the treatment of your pet hugely.

However poisonings are rare!! Many conditions can look like poisonings so it is always best to get a thorough health check and investigations before treatment.



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