Ticks, fleas, worms and mites all make the majority of us squirm just thinking about them. However, most pets with these parasites show no obvious signs and the parasites are rarely seen. Out of sight and out of mind these creatures can multiply rapidly on our pets causing irritation and stress that often goes unnoticed. Some can also cause serious long term diseases, for example dog lungworm reduces the number of clotting factors within the blood. This goes unnoticed until the dog is exposed to trauma (surgery, accident etc) causing massive bleeding as the blood cannot clot adequately.

The worm Toxocara usually causes no signs in adult dogs but can cause blindness in young children and can cause death of puppies by blocking the intestines. The pet health club can help protect your pet from the parasites commonly found in the UK and the horrible diseases they can cause in both our pets and ourselves!

To discuss appropriate parasitic care for travel to other countries with one of our clinical team please call 01767260007 or come in for a chat – we will all be more than happy to help!


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