Cats – Itchy skin


Harvest mite from a cat’s underside this morning.

Autumn is upon us and with seasonal change comes a new set of parasite problems.

At the moment there is an external parasite called harvest mites that are just starting to cause a problem in our area.

Interesting points about harvest mites.

·      Can affect various animals including cats, dogs and sometimes humans.

·      Most cases occur between June and November (locally).

·      Most often attach between toes, on the underside of the belly and on ears.

·      Can cause intense itching.

·      Can sometimes be seen as red/orange specks.

·      Diagnosis is confirmed by microscopy.

·      Pets with access to fields are more likely to become affected.

So if you have an itchy dog or cat this autumn, one of the many potential causes is trombiculosis (harvest mite infestation).

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