Cadbury gets caught in the cold

Cadbury potton vetsIt was a cold and frosty morning in early December and Cadbury the little miniature pinscher was tucked up in his fleecy blanket. As he jumped off the sofa, stretched and ran over to greet his owners, he considered how fortunate he was. Only last night on the television he had seen an appeal for a dogs home which were currently overrun with stray and abandoned dogs.

He himself had been left to fend for himself, before he met his current owners, so knew what a scary and frightful experience this was. Now he lived a life of luxury – three meals a day, plenty of treats, hugs galore, more toys than he cared to remember… but best of all the love of his owners. He wouldn’t change his current life for anything and always had his heart in his mouth if he ever lost sight of his owners on a walk! Even if he did have to stop and wait for them to catch up every so often!

Yesterday he went into work with his owner and met a beautiful black cocker spaniel, who had chased a squirrel out of her owners garden. She had been so focused on following the squirrel that she had taken no notice of where she was.

Eventually the squirrel disappeared up a tree and the exhilarated little girl looked around. She didn’t recognise this part of town at all! Where was she? Her heart started beating faster and faster! It would be breakfast time at home and her stomach was growling loudly already.

Which way should she go? She thought of her owners at home looking desperately for her and her heart panged painfully with the love she felt for them.

She was trying to decide whether to go left or right when another human walked by. He offered her a corner of his toast which she gulped hungrily and gave him a lick after wards to show they were now friends.The man put her on a lead and she tried to tell him she was lost.

Eventually they came to the vets and the kind staff checked her over for injuries. Then she remembered she had a microchip inserted as a puppy and the vet had explained it would help return her home if she ever got lost. She was relieved and elated when the microchip scanner appeared and she lept at the humans covering them with licks of gladness.

A few minutes later Cadbury felt a huge surge of joy as he watched the reunion of Sally and decided that microchips are very useful indeed!
To help ensure a happy reunion if your pet should ever go missing, please keep your contact details up to date – both with your vet and your microchip provider:

Anibase: call on 01904 487600 or visit the website

Contact the above number / website with your pets microchip number at the ready!!!

Did you know that microchips can give you and your pet extra? At Potton Vets, we not only have microchips that help reunite pets that go missing with their owners but also biotherm microchips.

These microchips also have a temperature sensitive probe in them – this means that pets do not need to undergo the indecency of having a thermometer put into their bottom to take their temperature! Instead, the microchip scanner is held above their shoulder blades and the temperature flashes up! No thermometers needed!


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