Vet Home Visits

Our vet home visit service, the same great service in your home.

At Potton Vets we recognise that home visits are important for people and their pets, and make it easy for our clients to arrange a home visit – just call us to arrange an appointment.

If you have quite a few pets it may be easier and less stressful for you, for us to come to you. If your pet doesn’t travel very well or becomes very stressed coming to the surgery a home visit may be a good solution. Animals with ongoing health problems are sometimes more comfortable being looked after at home.

Vet Home visits are ideal for:

  • Pets (or their owners) who dislike visiting a surgery.
  • Pets who are stressed or in pain.
  • Multiple pets, where it is easier for us to come to you.
  • Owners who find it more convenient to be seen at home.
  • Long-term or chronic treatments.
  • End of life treatment.

How does it work:

Our vet will come to your home at a mutually convenient time. We can perform consultations, vaccinations and many minor procedures in your home.

Prescribed medications can be collected from the surgery, posted to you or dropped off at your home as needed.

If a more complicated investigation or treatment is needed, we can take your pet to our full-service RCVS registered surgery [rcvs registered practices], complete the necessary diagnostics and treatment and return your pet to you.

How do I book an appointment:

Please call to schedule an appointment.

Vet home visits are available most days of the week.

The earlier you book, and the more flexible you are – the lower the visit fee, starting from only £10.00!