Our Skills

Apart from the usual skills and facilities you would expect from a well equipped practice, run by skilled, experienced vets, we believe we have areas of expertise.  These are areas where we have a specific interest, have invested in up-to-date equipment and have taken the time and trouble to perfect.

 Some of these disciplines are:

  1. Dentistry (We treat a huge range of dental disease – we do much, much more than ‘scale and polish’)
  2. Cardiology (diagnosing and treating heard disease – ECG, x-rays, echocardiography (ultrasound), blood tests, blood pressure)
  3. Cruciate repair (knee ligament repair –  TTA by using a porous titanium wedge)
  4. Laparoscopic spay ‘keyhole surgery’ to neuter female dogs – this is less painful and safer than traditional neutering.
  5. Ultrasonography (using an ultrasound machine to make diagnoses – most commonly abdomen/bladder/liver/spleen/kidney and the heart (echocardiography))
  6. Radiology (use of x-rays for making a diagnosis)
  7. Rigid endoscopy (keyhole surgery)
  8. Oncology (cancer diagnosis and treatment).

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Potton Vets Dog